Meet Tom, the man in charge of getting gas to The Gas

Football managers worry about energy on the pitch. For Tom Gorringe, Commercial Director at Bristol Rovers, it’s all about the energy that powers it.

Saving money, doing right by the community

Finding the time to choose between different suppliers, all offering similar deals, can be tricky. But choosing Bristol Energy’s service for businesses was an easy decision for Tom.

Not only was it good commercial business, but a way to keep supporting the Rovers’ beloved city. And for a club that thrives on local support, keeping community front of mind was key.

Bristol Energy is more than just an energy company. This relationship not only allows us to save on our energy supply but also means we’re working with a company that shares the same values as the football club.

We’re dependent on the incredible support that we have locally. So it makes sense to choose an energy supplier that will do right by our community.

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What could be better?

By switching to Bristol Energy, Tom and the Bristol Rovers club benefit from:

  • Excellent service from a named account manager.
  • The knowledge that the money spent on energy remains within the local economy, for the benefit of the community.
  • The ability to stay true to the club’s values, integral to their identity.

Bristol Energy not only gives us a great service, it also helps us support our great community which is a really important aspect for all of us at the club​​​.

Big energy usage, but other big priorities

Sports grounds can use a huge amount of gas and electricity, especially at peak match times. But, when the priority is on the players and promotion, switching services like an energy supply can often get moved to the bottom of the list.

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Football clubs around the world are embracing new energy technologies

As Bristol Rovers currently explore innovative ways to generate green electricity for their new training ground, due to be built in Almondsbury, other clubs around the world are also going green:

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