Powering Bristol homes with wind and solar generated right on your doorstep

two men in front of wind turbine

We go to great lengths to source our customer’s power from local generators.

We believe it's important for our customers to know where their power is being produced, so they can begin to forge a relationship with the renewable energy they use.

By buying and selling local, renewable power, we’re helping to grow the percentage of renewables in the UK’s fuel mix as well as supporting our local economy. Our local customers join Bristol Energy to help support their city - buying electricity from local sources is just one way to do that.

Simon Proctor, Head of Renewables at Bristol Energy.

Avonmouth Wind and Solar

For the past two years we've been buying renewable power from Avonmouth Wind and Solar in Bristol. The two 2.5MW wind turbines and the 1.8MW solar park are owned by Bristol City Council and generate enough energy to power over 4000 homes with renewable electricity each year. This is saving the city over 7000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and cutting our reliance on dirty, fossil fuels.

Bristol has an ambitious target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, which is why Bristol Energy is now only offering 100% green tariffs to new and renewing customers. We want to make Bristol a cleaner, greener, healthier place to live; our green tariffs will help our customers do their bit for the planet in Bristol and beyond.

Why not take a look at our tariffs page and find the right green product for you? By joining Bristol Energy, you’ll be supporting our city and helping cut your carbon footprint.

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