Caring at Christmas

2 December 2016

  • We're supporting Caring at Christmas by transforming our Hub into a 'Wrap Shop'

Bristol Energy supports Caring at Christmas

This year we’re supporting Caring at Christmas, an annual project that provides warm safe accommodation, food and social activities to homeless and vulnerable people in Bristol over the Christmas period. 

For nearly thirty years, the project has given thousands of people somewhere to stay, eat and keep warm, in what can be the loneliest time of the year. In 2016, the project welcomed around 250 guests each day, providing 70 beds and serving over 4,000 hot meals over 11 days. 

To help raise much-needed funds for this year’s Caring at Christmas, the Bristol Energy Hub on the Harbourside will be transformed into a Wrap Shop on the weekends running up to Christmas - starting from Saturday 3rd December. We’ll wrap your Christmas gifts, in exchange for a small donation to Caring at Christmas. Just £1 will pay for a hot meal for someone who doesn’t have a home to go to.  

And if you switch to Bristol Energy quoting the code CARING001 we we’ll donate up to £30 to Caring in Bristol, the charity behind the incredible project. That’s £15 for gas and £15 for electricity. 

• £15 pays for a wash kit for three Caring at Christmas guests

• £30 provides nine Christmas dinners 

• £30 pays for a fully waterproof jacket and trousers 

Caring at Christmas is open from 3pm on 24th December until 10am on 1st January.

If you would like to volunteer your time – either in the kitchen or the laundry, or just chatting and socialising with the guests - you can find out more over at Caring at Christmas