Calculation for Positive Energy

We’ve calculated that Bristol residents could save more than £28milion a year on their energy bills if they switched to Bristol Energy.

Here’s how we did it:

There are 187,700 households in Bristol (2014 data from Bristol City Council PDF)

  • 85% of UK homes are served by one of the Big Six energy providers (Source: Cornwall Insights).
  • 70% of these households are on a Standard Variable Tariff (Source: CMA) This is the deal that you default onto when your fixed deal comes to an end.

That equals 111,681 households with one of the Big Six, on a Standard Variable Tariff.

  • The current average Big 6 dual fuel standard variable tariff: £1185 (as at 5th September 2017, calculated using Ofgem’s typical domestic consumption levels*.)
  • The current average My Bristol Tariff on dual fuel: £893 (as at 5th September 2017, calculated using Ofgem’s standard typical consumption levels*.)

So each household could save £258 per year by switching to Bristol Energy, compared to an average Big Six SVT dual fuel tariff.

£258 saving x 111,681 households = £28,813,698 total collective saving for Bristol.

*Ofgem defines typical domestic annual consumption as 3,100 kWh for electricity and 12,500 kWh for gas.

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