Bristol Rovers switching offer terms and conditions

Here’s the small print.

Bristol Energy’s offer in conjunction with Bristol Rovers is governed by Terms and Conditions in line with Bristol Energy’s affiliate offer with Bristol Rovers F.C.

The offer is as follows:

Where a customer comes on supply with Bristol Energy and quotes the code BRFC01 (or equivalent live codes) during their switch, the customer will receive £30 per fuel in Bristol Rovers F.C. retail vouchers for the club shop. This means that if a customer switches both gas and electricity to Bristol Energy using the Bristol Rovers code, they will receive £60 worth of Bristol Rovers F.C. retail vouchers.

Once the customer has come on supply with Bristol Energy, they will receive their vouchers in the post within one month.

Find out more about our partnership with Bristol Rovers F.C.

Customer affiliate terms and conditions

1. To claim the offer of a referral reward, you must quote the correct Marketing Code when switching to Bristol Energy.

2. The offer is only open to UK residents aged 18 years or over who are resident in the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland).

3. Only one referral reward will be provided per household/business in any 12 month period, so if you or any other person in your household/business has already claimed a referral reward within the previous 12 months, you will not be eligible for another one.

4. Bristol Energy reserves the right to offer you a different reward, or not offer any reward at all, if at the time of you switching to Bristol Energy the referral arrangements between Bristol Energy and the Affiliate organisation have come to an end or been suspended for any reason.

5. Subject to the terms above, the referral reward will be provided after you have signed-up to Bristol Energy for the supply of electricity and/or gas and the relevant supply has started. This reward may be a charitable donation, gift voucher, thank you gift or other good or service. Bristol Energy will aim to deliver each referral reward within a reasonable time, as agreed with the respective affiliate organisation.

6. BE may need to share your details with the Affiliate organisation. This is necessary in order for the Affiliate organisation to provide your referral reward. By signing up to this offer you agree to us sharing your details in this way and for this purpose only. Our partners may also request your consent so that they can continue to send you marketing communications, which would be a separate relationship between you and our partner, and outside of Bristol Energy’s control.