Bristol food to help you Fuel Good

14 June 2018

  • Every Bristol resident is helping to generate renewable energy, as your sewage waste is turned into renewable gas.

People holding healthy food as part of the Fuel Good Food campaign at Source Cafe

To say thank you and celebrate Bristol Food Connections week, we've teamed up with local cafes and restaurants across the city.

They’ve launches a series of dishes that will look after your stomach, and help Bristol residents to keep on generating.

We're working with nine restaurants and food vendors, including:

  • Better Food
  • The Canteen
  • Society Cafe
  • Poco Tapas
  • The Old Market Assembly
  • East Bristol Bakery
  • Foundations Café
  • Society café
  • Southville Deli

to design dishes that will help Bristol residents look after their stomach health.

The food partners will create a variety of dishes that will be changed throughout the next month. Source Café have begun with a sweet potato fritter with turmeric yogurt, veggies, nuts, seed and pickled carrot and onion. A dish that is rich fibre and will keep the millions of microbes in your stomach happy.

The Fuel Good Food guidelines were developed by local nutritional therapist Anna Mapson of Goodness Me Nutrition, who held a session on gut health at the Bristol Energy Hub as part of Bristol Food Connections week. We'll be sharing Anna’s top tips on our Instagram feed for the duration of the campaign.

“Inside our gut we have got around 100 trillion bugs. This is 10x more than the number of human cells so we're outnumbered by the bugs. They help us digest our food, create our hormones and interact with our immune system and neurotransmitters. So we need to keep them healthy.” Anna Mapson, Goodness Me Nutrition

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of bringing different business sectors together in order to build a sustainable future for our city to promote a no waste ‘circular’ solution to the environmental issues we face today.

“Thanks to our friends at GENeco, we’ve managed to turn Bristol sewage into renewable green gas for Bristol Energy customers.

“And by encouraging the people of Bristol to eat responsibly sourced local food, we’re creating a brilliant example of a sustainable circular economy in action.” Simon Proctor, Origination Manager, Bristol Energy

“We all put a lot of effort into sourcing really great ingredients sustainably, but there’s no point if we’re not thinking about our energy sources too. Fuel Good Food is a great way of celebrating sustainability all the way down the line.” Alex Poulter, Owner, East Bristol Bakery

Fuel Good Food kicked off at the beginning of Bristol Food Connections week and will be running for 4 weeks. Look out for Fuel Good Food logo in Bristol cafes and restaurants and be sure to take snaps of the delicious dishes and share them on the hashtag #fuelgoodfood to join the movement.

Find out more about Fuel Good Food and how to switch to Bristol Energy’s renewable tariff (with local green gas)