Bristol facts

People sitting on the grass next to Clifton Suspension Bridge

Did you know that the first modern day chocolate bar was made in Fry's chocolate factory on Union Street?

Before 1847 chocolate was a luxury enjoyed in liquid form until Joseph Fry discovered a way to mix cocoa powder, sugar, and cocoa to create a paste that could be pressed into a mould. The Fry’s chocolate factory began producing the first chocolate bar in 1866, the Fry’s Chocolate Cream bar.

Did you know that there is a charity in Bristol called LinkAge that aims to reduce isolation and loneliness among the elderly?

LinkAge works with people 55+ and local communities to facilitate inspiring social activities that enrich lives, reduce isolation and loneliness and promote active participation.

We're a partner of LinkAge and encourage awareness of isolation within the elderly community, donating to the charity when a customer switches using their code.

Did you know that Ribena was invented in Bristol in the 1930’s?

Ribena was invented at the National Fruit and Cider Institute in Bristol as concentrated syrup used as a vitamin C supplement.

Did you know in 2015 Bristol was named the best place to start a business?

In 2015, the second annual Start-up Cities Index, named Bristol as the best place to start and grow a business in the UK, outside of London.

Almost 3,000 start-ups launched in 2014, making Bristol one of most prosperous cities in the UK.

Did you know that Bristol is home to Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air balloons?

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta attracts over 150 Hot Air Balloons from across the globe. It’s a free event held across four days in August at the beautiful Aston Court Estate.

Did you know that the Tobacco Factory in Bedminster was the third factory built for the Wills company’s production of tobacco?

The Tobacco Factory building is one of the few survivors from the great Imperial Tobacco site on Raleigh Road, Ashton, Bristol.

It is now a staple in the community housing the Cafe Bar, Thali Cafe, creative industry work space, live and work loft apartments, animation and a performing arts schools as well as one of the most exciting theatre venues in the country, The Tobacco Factory Theatre.

Did you know the Clifton Suspension Bridge took 33 years to complete?

Building a bridge across the gorge had been a dream for centuries, it was first noted in the 1700s by a wine merchant called William Vick who left £1,000 in his will to build a stone bridge across the gorge.

Brunel won a competition to design the bridge and construction began in 1831. After some major setbacks, and the death of Brunel, the bridge was finally finished in 1864.

Roughly 99% of the iron work is still original and as long as it’s maintained it’s expected to survive for years longer.

Did you know that just a few miles northeast of Bristol University there’s a thriving orchard with over 70 varieties of apple, plum, pear and nut trees?

In 1998, Horfield Organic Community Orchard members reclaimed an overgrown corner of an allotment a few miles northeast of Bristol University to create an orchard that is now thriving, with over 70 varieties of apple, plum, pear and nut trees.

Did you know that St Nicholas Market has been named the Best Large Indoor Market in Britain?

St Nicholas Indoor Market has Bristol’s largest collection of independent retailers, and was named Britain’s Best Large Indoor Market in 2016, by the National Association of British Market Authorities.

Did you know that Bristol has its own regional currency?

Bristol Pound is a non-for-profit partnership between Bristol Pound Community Interest Company (CIC) and Bristol Credit Union and was designed to support Bristol’s thriving independent business sector.

Using Bristol Pounds encourages money to be spent local, benefiting the regional economy. Discover the benefits of using Bristol Pounds.

Did you know Bristol was the UK's first Cycling City?

Bristol is the hub of Britain's national cycle routes with cycle routes on almost all its major roads and plenty of places to lock up your bike, boasting over 300 cycle parking spaces and free-to-use bike pumps around the city.

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