Bristol Energy Quarterly Complaints Report 2019 Q2

Q2 2019: Complaints received 2869, Received per 100,000 customer accounts 1695, Complaints resolved 2866, Resolved per 100,000 customer accounts 1695, % resolved in the same or next working day 93.7%, % resolved within 8 weeks 99.89%.

Why did people complain to Bristol Energy in Q2 2019 and what are we doing about it?

Direct Debit review – 8.5%

  • Bristol Energy review Direct Debits on a regular basis to ensure their customers are paying a suitable amount per month. It can leave customers disappointed to hear that they will be paying more towards their energy consumption. In other cases, customers prefer a lowered Direct Debit agreement to be maintained at a higher amount.
  • We believe that our Direct Debit review process is a fair and transparent process and opens a dialogue with our customers for them to discuss about how much energy they’re using and how that affects their payments. We think it is the best way to ensure our customers do not fall into arrears.

Energy consumption – 5.7%

  • Sometimes our customers don’t anticipate their energy usage and receive billing from Bristol Energy larger than they expect, despite their consumption being accurate based on the readings they provide. This can affect customers who have recently moved into a new property, those using appliances they haven’t used before or properties where the number of occupants has increased.
  • We seek to remedy this by directing customers towards charities that offer energy saving advice. We also allow customers to benefit from going onto cheaper fixed-rate tariffs with no penalty if they are already in an existing fixed-rate contract with us. We are also increasing the number of Smart meters we install which allows customers to track their energy usage more effectively.

Agent error – 3.6%

  • As we continue to grow, Bristol Energy continue to hire new members of staff. As the industry is complex, it can take time to become fully trained, which means this can sometimes affect performance.
  • We have recently developed new training methods which are already having a positive affect throughout the business. We are constantly looking for ways we can improve our quality monitoring and coaching methods to ensure that our high standards are being achieved consistently.

Billing cycle – 3.6%

  • We have recently migrated all our customers who pay by Direct Debit to quarterly billing with the aim of decreasing the amount of inaccurate bills they receive and providing a better service. As a large majority of our customers have been with us for many years, we believe this recent change may have caused dissatisfaction.
  • As this is a new process for us, we are still welcoming any feedback regarding our new billing cycle and constantly exploring ways of improving this. We continue to explain the benefits of quarterly billing to our existing customers and ensure our new customers are completely aware of our new billing cycle when they sign-up to Bristol Energy.

Estimated readings – 3.1%

  • Estimated billing can cause dissatisfaction for customers, although this can be as a result of readings not being provided, being entered incorrectly by a customer or supplied outside of the regular billing window. We have now increased the number of Smart meter installations which should decrease the number of estimated readings being used.

  • We identified areas in which our reading submission and billing methods required development and placed measures to improve these processes. This includes the recent launch of our new app, new billing cycles and assessing the most effective reading submission methods.

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