Bristol Energy Quarterly Complaints Report 2016 Q3

Why did people complain to Bristol Energy and what are we doing about it?

Erroneous Transfer (Incoming Supply) – 10.1% of complaints

  • Bristol Energy experienced a system issue which resulted in a failure to send communication to customers who were going through the Erroneous Transfer process. This meant customers weren’t always aware that there had been an issue taking over their supply, or what we were doing to fix it.
  • Once Bristol Energy realised there was a problem, a solution was found and implemented quickly. We are now monitoring any issues arising regarding Erroneous Transfers, to ensure that our customers are kept informed and updated throughout the process.

Opening Reading Not Used – 8.5% of complaints

  • Any meter readings sent to our Meter Readings inbox are picked up automatically by our systems and added to the customer account. A system issue affected this inbox which stopped the meter readings being picked up, which resulted in several complaints.
  • This issue has now been fixed. Bristol Energy’s automated meter reading system is being improved on a continuous basis, meaning our agents are more available than ever to answer our customers’ calls and emails.

Online Account (Readings) – 5.9% of complaints

  • Some of our customers found that their meter readings were being rejected when they tried to enter them via our online portal, which resulted in a number of complaints being raised. This happened because our systems couldn’t accept readings which weren’t close enough to the readings we were predicting.
  • We have adjusted our online meter reading system to increase its tolerance for readings falling outside of the predicted margins. This means that the vast majority of readings are now accepted, although customers are alerted if their readings don’t look accurate.

Call Waiting Times – 4.8% of complaints

  • Bristol Energy’s call waiting times were longer than we’d hoped for earlier in the year, which was a result of our increasing customer numbers.
  • Bristol Energy has trained a number of new advisors, and we’re now proud to have very low call waiting times compared with the rest of the energy industry. We’ve also found new ways to answer our calls and emails more efficiently in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. 

Read Dispute (Incoming Supply) – 4.8% of complaints

  • Issues with our automated meter reading inbox meant that customer readings were occasionally being missed. If they were opening readings, this meant an estimated reading was used to open their Bristol Energy account. This resulted in us needing to raise Read Disputes with other suppliers in order to have the opening reading corrected.
  • Our automated meter reading inbox has been fixed, and we are continually working to improve its accuracy and efficiency. This has led to a reduction in Read Dispute complaints, though we still receive a relatively high number of calls from customers with regards to our Read Dispute process. We are hoping to improve the way we communicate with our customers about Read Disputes in order to keep them informed along the way. 

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