Bristol Energy Quarterly Complaints Report 2016 Q2

Bristol Energy complaints report Q2

What are we doing about the number and type of complaints we receive?

Service Experience - 23% of complaints 

  • We recently appointed a Customer Journey Manager and Complaints Analyst to support us in reviewing and improving the customer experience with Bristol Energy. 

  • Across all of our operational teams we have recruited, and will continue to recruit, additional colleagues to meet the customer demand.

Registration/Sign-up Process - 13% of complaints

  • Existing processes have been reviewed and further training has been provided to our teams involved in the sign up processes. 

  • We have also initiated a review of our customer communications to ensure that they are timely and effective.

Billing - 13% of complaints

  • We have reviewed the training that we provide to our customer facing teams to ensure that they are better equipped in handling customers’ billing enquiries.

Web Portal - 13% of complaints 

  • We have made a number of significant changes to our web portal experience, making it easier for customers to submit readings online. 

  • Following customer feedback, we are currently working on a number of further enhancements to the portal.

Erroneous Transfers - 12 % of complaints

  • More training has been provided to all teams involved with our customer sign up processes.

  • We have recruited additional staff in to our customer operations department to support our growing customer base.

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