Bristol Energy is innovating to decarbonise

21 February 2020

As the city’s local supplier, Bristol Energy will have a key role to play in helping the city achieve our decarbonisation targets.

Energy Service projects, City Leap and a net zero future


This month, the energy industry’s regulator Ofgem has launched their decarbonisation plan outlining how they will support suppliers to make net zero a reality. This marks a moment of real change and a commitment to doing things differently across the energy industry.

The plan recognises the need for more flexibility, innovation and experimentation in order to reach carbon neutrality. It’s great to see that many of Ofgem’s suggestions are things Bristol Energy is already doing:

Decentralised community energy projects

We’re encouraging more local communities to use renewable energy. We work with community energy projects giving them a trusted route to market. We enable communities to buy, use and sell their own renewable power, allowing them to profit from the project, and invest back into their community.

The power of battery storage

We’re helping manage and install battery storage systems, such as the council’s new battery at City Hall. The battery will allow them to generate savings by charging the battery when energy prices are low before discharging when prices are at their peak. The battery will also help the council cut their carbon emissions, as the grid is often most carbon intensive at peak hours. We will help the council to benefit from the system, which can also be used to gain an income by helping balance the grid or save on money through ‘peak shifting’.

Transforming our local transport system

Bristol Energy have partnered with local electric vehicle (EV) charging network ‘Revive’ to power all of their EV charging points with 100% renewable electricity. We’re also helping the council transform their local fleet to EVs.

We’re working to help locals adopt EVs more easily, and we’re developing bespoke tariffs to give people a better deal on their energy. It’s important that EVs are accessible and that no one is left behind as the UK transitions to electric vehicles. We will be working with the council to ensure this is the case.

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Working to decarbonise heat

Shifting to net zero means 29 million homes across the UK will need to have their heating system changed.

Low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps, biomass boilers, advanced storage heaters, heat networks and hydrogen boilers will need to be installed and this is an enormous, logistical challenge.

At Bristol Energy we are putting customers at the heart of the decarbonisation process; we will help them understand why these changes are needed. Innovative propositions like our pioneering Heat as a Service project and retailing heat from Bristol’s citywide heat network will make it simple for customers to get their energy more sustainably.

City Leap

Bristol is leading by example and taking direct climate action. City Leap is a series of energy and infrastructure investment opportunities that represent a big step towards a cleaner, greener Bristol. The council led project will help to create jobs, maintain our economic competitiveness, de-carbonise the city, build strong partnerships and empower people to take their future into their own hands. As the city’s local supplier, Bristol Energy have a big part to play in this transformation.

At Bristol Energy we recognise the need for significant investment and bold action. City Leap is aiming to completely transform Bristol’s energy system, creating a replicable model that other cities can follow. This transformation will require significant levels of investment but also a true approach to partnership which brings innovation, big ideas and the ability to work collaboratively with a broad range of organisations for the benefit of all.

Samantha Nicol, Head of Innovation, Bristol Energy.

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