Bristol City Council chooses Bristol Energy to power the city

11 February 2019

  • Bristol City Council has awarded Bristol Energy its electricity supply contract following a competitive tender.

The contract is for one year and consists of around 30GWh, which is roughly equivalent to enough power to supply 10,000 homes.

This follows Bristol Energy winning the contract for gas supply in November 2018, meaning that all of Bristol City Council’s sites including council offices, museums, council managed schools, libraries and care facilities energy will be supplied by Bristol Energy.

The electricity will be supplied on Bristol Energy’s standard tariff, which includes a high amount of green, renewable fuel bringing the city one step closer to its sustainable goals. Bristol Energy buys renewable power direct from the city’s wind turbines and solar panels in Avonmouth which provide an additional revenue scheme for the council and more local, green power generation for Bristol.

The gas provided is an industry leading 10% green, and is supplied by Bristol Energy in partnership with Geneco, a local energy innovator. Waste from one million Bristol people is turned into biomethane, a sustainable, virtually carbon neutral and environmentally friendly substitute for fossil fuel natural gas.

To celebrate the win, Bristol Energy is donating £2030 to its Fuel Good Fund, set up to support Bristol’s One City Plan; ensuring that no one in Bristol suffers a cold home by 2030. To date, the Fuel Good Fund has raised £25,000 which supports initiatives to reduce fuel poverty across the city.

Marek Majewicz, Bristol Energy Interim Managing Director commented:

Bristol Energy is committed to supporting the City of Bristol to hit their ambitious social and environmental goals as set out in the One City Plan. This tender win signals the start of an exciting new phase of growth for Bristol Energy. My message to every consumer and business owner in Bristol is this is your energy company – join us to help us reinvest back into the Bristol community

Councillor Craig Cheney, Deputy Mayor of Bristol, said:

We’re delighted that Bristol Energy will be helping us achieve our goal of becoming a carbon neutral city by powering Bristol with locally sourced, green energy. We’ve undertaken a rigorous procurement process to ensure both value for money when spending the public purse and maximum social value. Bristol Energy was able to offer both of these things.

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