Council Ownership

Bristol City Council Hall at College Green

We’re one of the UK’s first publicly owned energy companies, set up to provide an alternative income stream for Bristol City Council at a time of decreasing grants from central government.

We were also created to tackle fuel poverty and offer our customers a simple, fair and transparent alternative to the Big Six, in a market that is often perceived as broken and unfair to loyal customers.

We're a national supplier, with customers right across the country, saving £219 each on average per year.*

We have a tariff exclusively for Bristol residents. And if everyone in Bristol switched to us, we'd save the city £28 million.**


Reinvesting in the community

The absence of traditional shareholders further enables us to keep our focus fixed on serving the community. We’re working to achieve this by developing ways to address fuel poverty, encourage energy efficiency and support local renewable generators.

Find out more about how we're tackling fuel poverty in Bristol.


Profits reinvested in the city

As with any start up business, we won’t make a profit right away, but we’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made so far and we’re on track to meet our target - making a profit for the city of Bristol by 2021.

And although we are owned by Bristol City Council, we are run independently, by a team of energy experts working closely with the council.


Find out more about our mission to be a force for social good.


An investment to benefit communities

In a time of government cuts for local councils, including the end of the revenue support grant from central government in 2020, we exist to provide a strong and consistent revenue stream for Bristol – an investment that will benefit the city and its communities.

We also deliver job creation in Bristol. We are currently hiring for a range of roles.


Check out our job vacancies.


Switch to positive energy

Energy is something we all have to pay for, but we want our customers to feel good knowing that the money they spend is positively reinvested, as opposed to lining the pockets of private shareholders.

By switching to Bristol Energy, not only could you save on your energy bills, but you’ll be supporting a growing movement among local councils to find innovative ways to generate income for their constituencies.

And, if you live in Bristol, you’ll be supporting the city you love, too.


Join us!


Find out more:


* Projected average customer saving when switching gas and electricity supply to Bristol Energy based on Ofgem’s standard domestic consumption values.

** Based on the estimated Bristol households currently supplied on Big Six standard variable tariff switching to Bristol energy’s My Bristol tariff. Projected saving as at 05/09/2017.

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