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We offer low and fair prices for all 

Our prices are fair, and our tariffs are simple. We promise to tell you if we have a cheaper electricity or gas tariff you could be on. As we develop our product range, we're keen to be able to ensure fair prices for those in fuel poverty.

We are a force for social good 

Everything we do is with a social conscience. With no private shareholders to keep happy, we can reinvest your money where it makes the most difference - in the fight against fuel poverty, in locally generated renewables and to make a real difference in communities who need it. 

We are about people helping people

You can speak to real people based here in Bristol – we’re here to give you the help you need. Or, you can manage your own energy account online, if you prefer. 

We challenge the norm

We’re not like other suppliers - we’re here to help you spend less on fuel. Not only do we promise to keep our prices low, and our tariffs simple – but, we’ll also help you use less energy in the first place.

We will be sustainable 

We’re increasing low-carbon energy generation in the city over the coming years and we’ll eventually manage a new district energy network, providing more efficient heat and power to the city.  

We’re proud to give something back

We’re proud to stand for something positive. We put people and communities first by giving something back, so our customers can stand up and say they are proud to be with us. We believe together we can change the energy industry for good.  ​

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