Bristol Energy lifts 71 homes out of fuel poverty through WHAM project

20 January 2020

Today, on ‘Blue Monday’, we’ve chosen not to succumb to the January blues. Instead, we are celebrating one of our proudest achievements of the last year.

Today, Bristol-based charity Centre for Sustainable Energy reveals that Bristol Energy have helped lift 71 households out of fuel poverty through their Warmer Homes Advice and Money (WHAM) project.

The donation from Bristol Energy to WHAM has helped save residents more than £60,000 through energy efficient measures and expert advice.

The WHAM project

WHAM is a major city-wide fuel poverty prevention project for low-income households to freely access in-depth and expert support from leading organisations tackling fuel poverty: CSE, Talking Money, We Care Home Improvements, Citizens Advice and Bristol Energy Network.

Last year, Bristol Energy donated £25,000 from our Fuel Good Fund pot to the WHAM project, to help the WHAM team provide in-depth and face to face support to vulnerable households across the city.

Tackling fuel poverty

We’re delighted that our funding supported 71 households in fuel poverty, not only exceeding the target of 50 households, but also bringing a return on Bristol Energy’s investment in WHAM at a ratio of 3:1. This means for every £1 put in it by the Fuel Good Fund, WHAM has delivered over £3 worth of financial benefits to vulnerable citizens.

Through the Fuel Good Fund, Talking Money received funds to support 10 households with debt advice, while We Care Home Improvements were able to undertake repairs and install small measures in client’s homes and undertake safe and secure checks ensuring that homes are suitable for habitation.

As a result of providing energy efficiency advice, from draught proofing to LED bulbs, over £60,000 has been saved or gained for beneficiaries of the Fuel Good Fund.

Lisa Evans, Project Manager at the CSE, said:

Being able to save or gain over £60,000 from this fund has meant that not only are the clients financially in a better situation but often report feeling less anxious and more confident around their energy use and bills.

Bristol Energy’s Fuel Good Fund donation helped WHAM reach more than 70 people in Bristol who were struggling financially or with cold homes and helped to significantly improve their situation.

 Bristol Energy’s donation also enabled WHAM to fund an additional caseworker, former Bristol Energy employee Ed Divers, to work on the project for one and half days a week.

Marek Majewicz, Managing Director of Bristol Energy, said: 

Many of us associate ‘Blue Monday’ with feeling miserable in the cold and lacking in funds. But for those in fuel poverty, this can be the norm, and without support through projects like WHAM, will really struggle as they choose to ‘heat or eat’. Worryingly, there are currently more than 5 million households in the UK who can’t afford to keep warm in winter at home.

We’re proud to have helped lift more than 70 households out of fuel poverty through the vital WHAM project – people who were struggling to make ends meet, typically on low incomes, potentially in rising debt, and in many cases, suffering from a number of health issues.

We set up the Fuel Good Fund in 2018 on a mission to fight fuel poverty, and are pleased to see the significant impact our donation to the WHAM project has made.

Bristol Energy recently launched its new 100% green electricity and lower carbon gas portfolio of tariffs, largely powered by local wind and solar farms.

Switch to Bristol Energy using the marketing code “FUELGOOD” and we will donate up to £30 to the Fuel Good Fund.