WWF and Bristol Energy: helping more people to go green

29 March 2018

  • Bristol Energy takes part in a Big Clean Switch to help World Wildlife Foundation supporters switch to renewable energy.

We're working with The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and the Big Clean Switch to help thousands of WWF supporters move to green energy.

As part of the Big Clean Switch, we're offering an exclusive tariff that includes 100% renewable gas made from Bristol poo, as well as 100% green electricity.

As part of WWF’s World Earth Hour celebrations, the organisation has already encouraged nearly 60,000 people to make a ‘promise for the plant’, with thousands agreeing to switch to a renewable supplier.

All pledge signatories will be directed to a dedicated page on the Big Clean Switch website where they can compare green prices with their current tariff and switch.

The Big Clean Switch helps people to switch to renewable electricity and gas providers by making the process simple and easy.

Through the Big Clean Switch we're offering a ‘super-green deal’, offering both 100% green electricity and 100% green gas.

We're working with GENeco, the local team behind the famous Poo Bus. And its green gas is made from Bristol sewage waste: the poo from 1 million people across the city.

The campaign hopes to sign up as many households as possible, showing just how easy switching can be.

Gareth Redmond-King, Head of Climate and Energy at WWF said “The Big Clean Switch enables all those thousands who made a Promise for the Planet this Earth Hour to put this into action by seamlessly switching their energy provider.

Switching is simple and quick – and going to a green tariff not only helps tackle climate change, it may also save you money on your energy bills. The quicker people turn their pledges into action, the quicker they can start protecting our planet and helping drive demand for even more clean energy in the UK.”

Peter Haigh, Managing Director of Bristol Energy, said: “It’s easy to make your promise to the planet. By going super-green with 100% green electricity and gas, you’ll reduce that all important carbon footprint. And be part of a growing green movement.

“Our green electricity comes directly from the people and businesses who make it, helping to support the renewable energy revolution for years to come. Our green gas, made from the poo of one million local residents, proves that no flush needs to go to waste.”