Lighting up Bristol with positive energy

3 March 2016

This week we lit up Bristol with a surprise light installation. The event was a teaser for our #MakeYourSwitchCount campaign launching across Bristol this week.

friends enjoying Bristol Energy light installation on Picton Street, Montpelier

Our light balls were at three locations across the city:

  • Queen Square

  • College Green

  • Picton Street, Montpelier

Over 50 mood balls made up the installation, and passers-by were invited to interact with them. Lots of people took the opportunity, and shared great photos and selfies.

Over the next month you should spot posters, ads and leaflets introducing you to Bristol Energy – a different type of gas and electricity supplier that reinvests in the local community - we are a force for social good.

Watch our video of the evening. Can you spot yourself or anyone you know?


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