How much do you know about Bristol Energy or Bristol Waste?

14 July 2016

  • Both companies are owned by Bristol City Council. To update new councillors and staff members on our progress, we are holding a joint event at City Hall on 14th July. 

Thursday 14th July: 17.30-20.00 at the City Hall, College Green, Bristol

(Conference Hall, just off the main foyer)

Bristol is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and Bristol City Council is finding new ways to capitalise on this - to help deliver better public services in the 21st century.

  • Bristol Holding Limited has been set up to help the Council deliver public services differently.
  • Its companies provide essential services for people across the city and beyond, whilst also providing income for Bristol City Council - supporting the city in its economic, social and environmental goals.
  • There will be presentations from each company, as well as an introduction from Mayor, Marvin Rees.

The evening will finish with drinks and networking. Refreshments will be served at 19.30 This is an open event, and anyone is welcome.

Please register by 7th July.