Our green credentials

Wind turbine and solar panels generating green energy for Bristol Energy

Whether it’s made from solar, wind, water or waste, we know the people who make our energy.

But not all renewable energy suppliers are the same. And making the right green choice can be tricky. So what should you look for?

Check where your renewable electricity comes from

We buy our renewable electricity directly from the people, businesses, charities and organisations who generate it. From the hardworking farmers to local business owners, charities like the National Trust to community energy groups.

During 2018-19 our renewable energy was generated as follows: 64% from wind, 11% from anaerobic digestion, 8% from solar, 8% from hydro and 9% from landfill*.

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What’s the alternative?

Each unit of renewable electricity comes with a certificate called a REGO. Some suppliers buy these certificates, without purchasing energy directly from the generator. They can buy enough certificates to cover the renewable energy that has been used by their customers. And call it 100% renewable.

We believe in going directly to the source.

It’s a bit like knowing where your food comes from. And choosing to support your local farmer. By doing business directly with our electricity generators, we can help them to do more, and support the future of renewable energy generation.

Choose green gas

Not all green energy deals include green gas. Our fixed green plans customers get 15% green gas made entirely from local sewage waste.

Sewage waste from one million Bristol people is turned into Biomethane, an environmentally friendly substitute for the fossil fuel, natural gas.

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Go green and give back

We're owned by Bristol City Council, so we're supporting our founding city in tackling social and environmental challenges, such as fuel poverty and climate change.

And we’ll donate £3 for every green electricity switch to support local carbon reduction projects. So when you switch to one of or fixed green plans, you’re helping people come together to generate their own energy, and support their community too.

We’ll get greener as we grow

Our fixed green plan customers get 100% renewable electricity and 15% renewable gas.

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With a growing mix of direct power purchase agreements; local renewable generators across wind, solar, hydro and bio, green energy certificates and lower carbon solutions, we will commit to only offering green tariffs which benefit the environment and our communities.

We’ll always tell you exactly how much energy we source from renewable generators, so you know we’re being true to our word.

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*Worked out from the total volume of renewable energy contracted up until the end of 2019

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