Feed-in tariff

Solar panels on a house

Bristol Energy believes in local, “home-grown” renewable generation.

Through our Feed-in tariff (FIT) service we’re pleased to be able to support customers who are taking charge of their energy use and decarbonising the energy system.

Please be aware that the FIT scheme closed to new applicants from 1 April 2019, barring some exceptions. You can find out more information from Ofgem's FAQs and Guidance.

We’re a voluntary FIT licensee, which means we’ve set up a FIT service to support our customers who generate their own renewable electricity. Whether you’re generating your own energy at home or if you’re a commercial generator exporting electricity to the grid, we’re happy to help*.

How does the FIT scheme work?

The Feed-in tariff (FIT) is a Government incentive that gives financial rewards to renewable generators (<5MW). The scheme guarantees the owners of the system a fixed payment for every unit of electricity generated, plus an additional payment for each unit fed back into the grid**.

For more information on how the FIT scheme works we recommend you visit Ofgem’s website.

Our FIT Service

We aim to deliver a FIT service that is friendly and straight forward.

Whether you:

  • would like to register a new installation with the Feed-in Tariff scheme via Bristol Energy
  • would like to switch your Feed-in Tariff from your existing provider to Bristol Energy
  • have purchased a property with an installation that is currently signed up to Bristol Energy’s Feed-in Tariff scheme and would like to register as the new owner of this installation

We’ll be able to guide you through the process and manage the registration process for you.

Simply complete the form on this page, and request an application form that best describes your installation.

Once signed up to our FIT service, we’ll get in touch to ask you for a meter reading on a quarterly basis. We’ll then make a payment to you based on the amount of energy your installation has produced and exported** during that period. It’s that easy.

If you have any questions about the FIT scheme or our FIT service, please get in touch by calling 0117 428 0906 or emailing [email protected].


* To be eligible to join the FIT scheme using Bristol Energy’s FIT service you will need to be a Bristol Energy electricity customer.
**If the system is ‘off grid’ then no export payment will be due.

Feed-in tariff application

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