Frequently Asked Questions

We keep our tariff prices as low as possible to offer the fairest price to our customers. Changes in the market can affect our costs, so it is occasionally necessary to increase our prices.

We always update our website to let you know about any price changes, and if you’re on a Standard Variable Tariff we’ll let you know about them at least 30 days in advance.

Your tariff is made up of two parts: a unit price (per Kilowatt-Hour of energy), and a standing charge. The standing charge is a daily fee covering costs unrelated to the amount of energy you use, such as rental of the meter, distribution, and infrastructure costs. If you’re on a fixed tariff then your standing charge is fixed too.

We’ll contact you 49 days before your fixed tariff comes to an end, letting you know about our latest tariffs. You can renew from this point via your online account, by emailing [email protected] or by calling our team on 0808 189 4072.