As winter approaches, we’re working to put an end to cold homes in Bristol

11 November 2019

Today, stakeholders and city partners come together for our joint event ‘End Cold Homes in Bristol’.

The event is being run alongside Bristol City Council and Centre for Sustainable Energy and looks to finalise the Fuel Poverty Action Plan, due to launch early next year.

Bristol Energy's 'No Cold Homes' march through Bristol

In November 2017, Bristol came together for the ‘No Cold Homes’ event, beginning a city-wide, coordinated approach with the aim of ensuring no one in Bristol suffers a cold home by 2030.

The ‘No Cold Homes’ group is comprised of multiple organisations around the city, including: Bristol Energy, Centre for Sustainable Energy, Western Power Distribution, Citizens Advice, Bristol Health Partners, We Care and Repair, The Care Forum and Bristol City Council.

Since the steering group was formed, progress has been made towards tackling fuel poverty in Bristol. The priorities included:

  • How can we identify the people we need to reach in Bristol?
  • How can we improve the quality of Bristol’s housing?
  • How can we better join up services across the city?
  • How can we engage customers in vulnerable situations?

End cold homes in Bristol

The event today will bring together charities, organisations and individuals who all contribute towards alleviating fuel poverty among vulnerable citizens. Centre for Sustainable Energy will host a series of workshops with the aim of shaping Bristol’s new Fuel Poverty Action Plan.

We will be joined by guest speaker, Julia Verne of Public Health England, who will be discussing the impact cold homes have on physical and mental health. Jenna Wilcox will also be talking about the work and impact of the WHAM project, the organisation Bristol Energy chose to support with our Fuel Good Fund last year. The WHAM project have helped countless Bristol locals with energy efficiency measures, debt advice and home repairs since launching in 2017.

Over 23,000 homes in Bristol can’t afford to keep warm or regularly cook hot meals. Bristol Energy is committed to working collaboratively to support vulnerable citizens and keep energy costs down. We hope that all organisations attending today’s event can contribute to the development of Bristol’s Fuel Poverty Action Plan and help make the city’s vision to end cold homes a reality.

Laura Penny, Innovation and Strategy Manager, Bristol Energy


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