Who are Morrison Data Services?

You may have been contacted by our partner Morrison Data Services, on the phone or at your house, to provide a meter reading for Bristol Energy.

We use Morrison Data Services to help collect meter readings and additional industry data. This will be on top of any meter reads you’ve already given us.

I already provide my meter reads, why are Morrison Data Services still contacting me?

Morrison Data Services will contact all our customers if we haven't had a recent read for you. Or if the reading doesn't fall in line with your previous usage, they will confirm what's on site and feed back to us.

Why are Morrison Data Services visiting my home?

Morrison Data Services will visit your home twice a year to collect a meter read for us, unless you have a smart meter or have been submitting regular readings. In these instances, Morrison Data Services will only visit your property once every two years to collect a meter reading.

This visit will be without prior appointment, between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 6pm Saturday.

If your meter needs a safety check, Morrison Data Services will do this when they take the readings from your meter.

Why have Morrison Data Services left a card for me?

If you’re out when Morrison Data Services visit, they’ll leave a card to say they’ve been.

If your meter is outside and easy to access, Morrison Data Services will collect a reading and leave a card to let you know they’ve been successful.

If they’re unable to access your meter, they’ll leave a card asking you to call them to provide your meter reads.

Alternatively, you can submit your readings via our portal or via our Be Connected app.

Why have Morrison Data Services called me?

Sometimes Morrison Data Services will phone you to request your meter read instead of visiting your home. They’ll do so Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, or Saturday 8am to 6pm.

If you miss their call, they’ll leave an automated message. Please note that this message will not mention Bristol Energy.

Do I have to respond to a request from Morrison Data Services?

Providing regular meter reads is really important so we can send you accurate bills, and the more reads we have for you the better. Because of this, we do ask that all customers respond to requests from Morrison Data Services.

However, if you already send in your meter reads to us regularly, and it’s inconvenient to get a new read when Morrison Data Services call, you can let them know that your reads are up to date.

Why do you not collect the readings yourselves?

With customers right across the UK, we need a hand getting out to everyone’s meters. Morrison Data Services’s agents work nationwide, so they can reach all our customers easily and quickly, especially if a meter needs to be fixed in an emergency.

Will I hear anything more from Morrison Data Services after their visit?

You won’t hear anything further from Morrison Data Services or Bristol Energy, but you can be sure we’ve received the readings.

How can I identify someone from Morrison Data Services?

We want you to feel comfortable opening the door to someone claiming to be from Morrison Data Services.

To identify them, check that they are:

• wearing a Morrison Data Services uniform

• displaying an ID badge

• using vehicles with Morrison Data Services signage.

All Morrison Data Services employees will let you know who they are, why they’re visiting and that they’re doing so on behalf of your energy supplier.

Morrison Data Services will never try to sell you anything.

If you’re concerned or unhappy about the conduct of any Morrison Data Services employee, please contact our Customer Care team. We regularly communicate with Morrison Data Services and we’ll make sure your feedback is passed on.

Find out more about Morrison Data Services.