Our energy charges list

There are times when you might be charged a one-off fee for extra work to be carried out by us or our partners. For example, if you’re having building work done and need to move a meter.

An overview of these charges are listed below, and you can read our full terms and conditions here.

Charges in relation to pre-payment meters

Reprogram Key/ Token meter by site visit: £85.12

Meter changes

All gas or electricity meter changes: £85.12

Smart metering

  • Smart Meter Upgrade (replacement of legacy with Smart) – No Installation Charge
  • In-home display replacement (Geo Touch Screen II): £36.84
  • Smart Meter Removal: £85.12 for works + Early Removal Charge*

*Early Removal charges vary depending on the age and manufacturer of the meter.

Metering system investigation

If the meter is found to be faulty we will not charge for metering system investigations.

  • Accuracy - Electricity Single or Polyphase: £162.33
  • Accuracy – Gas: £162.33

Meter re-site and removal

(Please note some meter move will need to be quoted and charged by third parties and we will pass through this charge to you. Please contact us to find out what these charges will be.)

  • Re-site – Single: £194.56 + possible additional cost depending on site
  • Re-site – Polyphase: £194.56 + possible additional cost depending on site
  • Re-site – Gas (without service pipe modifications): £194.56
  • Remove – All Electirc meters: £126.86
  • Remove – LP Gas meters: £126.86

De/Re Energisations

  • De/Re Energisation - Electricity: £185.70
  • De/Re Energisation - Gas prepayment: £185.70
  • De/Re Energisation - Gas: £185.70

Site visits

Technical Inspection Visit - A visit by a meter technician to undertake meter works activity: £126.86

Additional appointment charges

  • Out of Hours Installation – Weekday: Quoted charge of job multiplied by 2.25

(Installation commencing outside of working hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm), additional to meter work charges)

  • Out of Hours Installation – Quoted charge of job multiplied by 2.25 for Saturday and 2.75 for Sunday

(Installation commencing on Saturday, Sunday on bank holidays, to meter work charges)

  • In Hours Callout : £85.12

(Investigate a meter fault, supply interrupted, additional to meter work charges)

  • Out of Hours Callout, additional to meter work charges: £87.69

(Available appointments: 8am to 10am, 10am to 12 noon, 12 noon to 2pm, 2pm to 4pm, 4pm to 6pm, 6pm to 8pm)

Disconnection costs

Should Bristol Energy need to de-energise your supply or install a prepayment meter due to non-payment the costs can be up to £450.00. These costs are made up of various charges we incur. Multiple visits will incur greater costs.

Debt recovery costs

Should your account be passed to an external agency for debt recovery, such as solicitors or debt recovery agencies, costs may be added to your account. These costs will vary dependant on the action taken. 

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