Access to your property

Bristol Energy will occasionally need to gain access to your home or business to access your meters or equipment. This will either be a Bristol Energy representative, one of our agents, or in an emergency, your local gas transporter or electricity network operator. 

Helping to keep you safe

In all cases our representatives will always carry identification. Don’t worry about asking to check their identity card, they would prefer you to check. 

Your safety is important to us, so if you’re unsure if someone is a Bristol Energy representative.

Bristol Energy, our agents, the gas transporter and electricity network operator will ensure that any person who visits your home or business on our or their behalf:

  • has the necessary skills to carry out the task;
  • can be easily identified by you as our or their representative;
  • will use any password or signal that you have agreed with us or them in order to help you confirm that they are who they say they are;
  • will be a fit and proper person to visit and enter your property;
  • will be able to inform you, if you ask, of a contact point for any help and advice that you may need about your supply of electricity or gas.

As part of your contract with us you have agreed to give us, our agents, the gas transporter and the electricity network operator, safe access to your property and the electricity and gas meters when this access is required.