Bristol Energy's £25,000 donation helps fight fuel poverty

31 May 2019

  • £25,000 from our Fuel Good Fund has been donated to the Centre for Sustainable Energy’s Warmer Homes Advice and Money (WHAM) project.

With the effects of austerity cuts still prevalent across the UK, 1 in 10 Bristol households remain in fuel poverty. Bristol Energy believes it’s our duty to do something to help those facing this growing problem.

Deciding whether to heat or eat is a daily issue for many households. Last year, Bristol Energy set up the Fuel Good Fund; a pot of money that’s gifted to organisations working to combat fuel poverty in the city. With every new switch to Bristol Energy quoting FUELGOOD, we donate up to £30 to the fund.

Fuelling the WHAM project

£25,000 from our Fuel Good Fund has been donated to the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) for their Warmer Homes Advice and Money (WHAM) project.

This pioneering project has brought together multi-disciplinary support for vulnerable citizens, living in Bristol, who are struggling with fuel poverty. Issues can range from bill debts to a damp home, all of which contribute to a poorer quality of life.

We went to meet the team from the CSE’s WHAM project to find out more and to get an insight into the work they’re doing.

If someone is experiencing problems in one area of their life such as energy, it’s more than likely that they’re experiencing issues in other areas such as other debts to creditors. So by working with organisations such as Talking Money and We Care and Repair, we can address the issue as a whole.

We’ll liaise with energy companies on clients' behalf to try and resolve the debt. In certain circumstances we can apply to trust funds to get the debt cleared. We also work with people that need improvements to their home; whether that’s cavity wall insulation, loft insulation or help with boiler upgrades and new heating systems.

It’s a great partnership between Bristol Energy and the WHAM project. Bristol Energy are all about doing social good and so is CSE. I’m really proud that there are Bristol organisations doing things like this for local people. It reflects how socially and environmentally conscious our city is.

-Ed Divers, CSE case worker for the WHAM project.

Working together to support our city

Bristol Energy’s gift of £25,000 to the WHAM project means the team have been able to employ another member of the team, enabling them to visit an extra 50 households this year.

We are delighted to be donating our first tranche of money from our Fuel Good Fund to the WHAM project.

By working more collaboratively with Bristol based organisations, we hope to be able to reach the people that most need our support. Our fund will help to change that.

-Marek Majewicz, Managing Director of Bristol Energy

With your help, we can do so much more.

Switch today using the code FUELGOOD and we'll donate £15 per fuel to our Fuel Good Fund

How to seek help with fuel poverty

If you, or someone you know might be struggling with fuel poverty, get in touch with the WHAM project. Call them free on 0800 082 2234 or go to the CSE website to find out more.

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