Bristol Energy signs up to offer the Warm Home Discount

27 October 2017

  • Bristol Energy has become one of the first suppliers to volunteer to offer the Warm Home Discount
  • Eligible customers will receive a £140 discount annually, helping the most vulnerable people to keep warm this winter  

woman at home making toastBristol Energy has volunteered to offer the Government’s Warm Home Discount, making it one of only three independent suppliers who have chosen to sign up.

The Warm Homes Discount is a key government scheme tackling fuel poverty in Great Britain. It obligates larger energy suppliers with over 250,000 customers to provide support to those in, or at risk of, fuel poverty.

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Bristol Energy has only been open for business for six months, but has already volunteered to offer its customers, in The Core Group, the annual rebate.

Owned by Bristol City Council, the gas and electricity company was set up to help people in Bristol and across the country pay less on their energy bills.

It will reinvest its profits back into its founding city, at a time when all cities need to be innovative in the way they raise Council funds.

In a city with above average levels of fuel poverty (13% of the inner city, the average across local authorities is 9.9%). Bristol Energy will now be able to help the Core Group to pay less on their energy bills.

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Peter Haigh, Managing Director of Bristol Energy, said:

“One of the reasons Bristol Energy was set up to was to tackle the very real issue of fuel poverty. So volunteering to offer the Warm Home Discount to our customers was the right and obvious thing to do.

"It’s often the smaller companies like Bristol Energy who can offer the more competitive deals. So by combining our cheaper energy prices with the discount, we can help more people to keep warm this winter. And we’d encourage all smaller energy suppliers to do the same.”

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