Bristol Energy Refer a Friend Scheme Terms & Conditions

1. The Refer a Friend scheme is run by Bristol Energy Limited, 100 Temple Street, Bristol BS1 6AG, Registered in England and Wales No. 09135084

2. By participating in the Bristol Energy ‘Refer a Friend Scheme’ (the “Scheme”), existing customers of Bristol Energy (“Referrers”) and the friends that they refer (“Friends”) are deemed to accept the following key terms and conditions.

3. The Scheme is open to Bristol Energy domestic customers with a live electricity and/or gas supply as at the referral switch date.

4. The mechanism for referral is an existing Bristol Energy customer’s unique 9 digit Account Number, which the customer (Referrer) needs to share with their Friends. We do not recommend giving out this number to people you don’t know personally, only to family and friends. Your Account Number constitutes personal information and by sharing it with any third party you are giving Bristol Energy permission to use this data for the purpose of running the Scheme. Bristol Energy cannot assume responsibility for any further use of this information by the third parties you share this information with. If you have any concerns about this or think that someone may have used your data without your consent you can contact us at [email protected]

5. To claim the referral reward, the Friend referred must quote the correct Account Number provided by the Referrer, at the point of switching to Bristol Energy.

6. The offer is only valid if the correct Account Number is given by the Friend at the time of switching to Bristol Energy. This can be directly through the Bristol Energy website, where the Account Number must be entered in the ‘Marketing Code’ box, via telephone on 0808 189 4072, or face-to-face with one of our staff. No other channels are permitted for the Scheme.

7. To qualify, the Friend must live at a different UK mainland address to the Referrer and be a UK resident aged 18 or over (Bristol Energy cannot supply households in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man as they are not on the national grid network).

8. There are no limitations to the number of Friends a Referrer can recommend.

9. The Scheme excludes an existing electricity only or gas only Bristol Energy customer upgrading to a dual fuel.

10. The referral is considered successful once the Friend’s supply goes live with Bristol Energy. The reward for each successful referral is a £20 credit on each of the accounts of the Referrer and the Friend. The reward is applied per each Bristol Energy account, irrespective of the fuels supplied.

11. The reward is per account held, not per fuel.

12. The referral reward can only be claimed as credit on the Bristol Energy account. No cash or vouchers are available. The referral amount will be credited against the next bill. Refunds of cash will only be given when there is a high credit balance on the account in line with our general conditions of supply.

13. If a Friend attempts to switch to Bristol Energy and the switch fails for any reason, any credits processed under these circumstances will need to be refunded to Bristol Energy.