Bristol Energy meets local businesses

26 July 2016

  • Tomorrow, Wednesday 27th July 2016, our friendly business energy team are going out to meet local businesses on Gloucester Road, Bristol.

We want to talk to small, locally owned businesses about our aims as a company, and how local small and micro businesses can be a part of our future in changing the energy industry for good. Amy, James, Anni and Chris (pictured) will be heading out to meet business the length of Gloucester Road.

Bristol Energy B2B TeamWhilst we're a national energy company, it is important for us to engage with local communities and we aim to be the supplier of choice for local businesses in Bristol. Despite it’s size, Bristol is a city with a real community feel, and we firmly believe that local businesses will have a genuine interest in what Bristol Energy stands for.

Gloucester Road is a focal point for local businesses (it's thought to be the longest road of independent shops in the UK), and is promoted by Bristol City Council as a centre of independent trade. 

Bristol Energy is wholly owned by Bristol City Council and all profits will go back to the city for re-investment into the community. Simply by being supplied gas and electricity, you’ll be helping us change the energy industry for the better, and supporting your local community.

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Our MD, Peter Haigh, says:

“Having this month launched into the B2B market, we are really excited to meet local businesses and talk to them about our vision and how they can be a part of it. By being a Bristol Energy business customer, you’ll be directly contributing to the community you operate in. Our team are here to help so if you see us, let’s have a chat!”

Having started a phased launch to the market this month Bristol Energy is looking to supply SME businesses with gas and electricity.

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