Bristol Energy beats Big Six on customer service

17 January 2018

  • Which? survey ranks Bristol Energy ahead of the Big Six.

Which? has put Bristol Energy above the Big Six for service in its annual customer satisfaction survey.

We came 11th overall, from 31 suppliers surveyed. And as one of the newest energy companies on the list, we’re thrilled that 70% of customers surveyed would recommend us to their friends.

Small suppliers dominate the top half of the table. With the Big Six suppliers all in the bottom third.

Bristol Energy is one of a growing handful of Council-owned energy companies, and we’re thrilled that our customers like what we stand for.

We’ll continue to campaign for fair prices, just as we did recently at the Houses of Parliament. And we’ll do everything we can to use our energy to make a positive difference – by supporting our local community.

60% of Big Six customers are overpaying for their energy, on an expensive standard deal because they haven’t switched*. And with customer service levels better at the smaller suppliers, it really does pay to switch away.

Which? found customers with the Big Six on a standard variable tariff could save up to £333 a year by moving to the cheapest dual fuel deal on the market.**

As Alex Neill, Managing Director of Home Products and Services from Which? said:

“Energy customers shouldn't tolerate shoddy service, sky-high prices, or failure to resolve complaints…

“Energy companies should be working to give their customers a fair deal, which includes competitive prices and good customer service.

“If you're not getting a fair deal you should switch away today, to potentially save hundreds of pounds and get better service."

For the full results, visit the Which? website.


Still with the Big Six? Get a quote online today and see how much you could save with us. 



About the research: In September 2017, Which? surveyed 8,761 members of the UK general public who are responsible for paying their energy bills and asked them what they think of their energy supplier.

For the purposes of the research, Which? classed First Utility, Ovo Energy, Utilita
and Utility Warehouse as 'medium' energy suppliers. This is because they are the next-largest after the Big Six.

Which? rated 31 suppliers in Great Britain, of which more than 90% of people are customers, and every supplier in Northern Ireland.
* Ofgem State of the Market Assessment 2017, October 2017, Link

**£333 saving figure is the difference between the priciest Big Six standard variable tariff (Npower) and the cheapest tariff on the market which is available across England, Scotland and Wales. Data is from Energylinx and based on a medium user (using Ofgem average of 3,100kWh electricity and 12,000kWh gas per year), paying by monthly direct debit with paperless bills. Prices are averaged across all regions. Data correct on 3 Jan 2018.