Avon Fire & Rescue - going green and giving back

2 May 2019

  • Even in the face of austerity cuts our fire service is doing everything they can to reduce their environmental impact. Not only have they switched their energy supply to Bristol Energy’s 100% renewable tariff but they’re also making improvements in day to day operations.

The fire service is working to find ways to become more sustainable, while they continue to serve the community

We chatted to their Environmental Officer Annabel Harford to find out more:

We want to demonstrate leadership in the public sector as a whole and show how it can be done. Changing our energy supply to a renewable one is a simple way to help us become more sustainable.

Bristol Energy’s renewable tariff was better value than other suppliers’ when we went through the procurement process, so it was an easy choice to make.

We see the value in using local suppliers like Bristol Energy that bring community benefits and go over and above just that of the supply. So far they’ve been great, with a quick response time compared to other energy suppliers, and the billing process has been much simpler.

Sustainably supporting the community

As you’d expect, it’s pretty non-stop for Avon Fire & Rescue Service. Of their 24 sites across Bristol, Bath, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, 9 stations are crewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by firefighters working two day shifts, followed by two night shifts a week. Jobs vary from putting out fires, to rope rescues on the Avon Gorge.

24-hour operations require the use of lots of natural resources, but as Avon Fire & Rescue Service demonstrate, the environment is a key issue at all their fire stations and at the incidents they respond to. They are helping staff to reduce pollution, conserve water and become more energy efficient through training and implementing best practice. Annabel has implemented many changes at stations; switching to LED lighting, improving heating systems, upgrading insulation and, of course, switching their supply to renewable energy.

Choosing renewable energy for your business

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Our 100% renewable tariff for businesses is also able to include 100% green gas made from Bristol sewage.

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